Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Checked Off

There is still So much more to do, but I can't finish a bunch of projects until the nursery is finished. Here is what I did complete today from 9- 12:30: 1) Reinforced Vegetable garden (stay away Stella!) 2) Hung a second rod in front closet 3) Hung shoe rack in closet 4) rehung old flag pole holder because the new one we bought was a piece of junk (thank goodness I don't get rid of anything and still had the old one.) Not everything is checked off of my list, but I think I did pretty good in a few hours. I did however think of a few more things to add to my list. 1) rake leaves in back yard 2) put leaves in vegetable garden/compost pile and mulch 3) reseed grass in backyard 4) Hang ceiling medallion and chandelier 5) Hang curtains in nursery 6) Find boxes for baby's closet Now that my delicious left over Chinese food as been devoured I will get back to checking things off of my list.

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