Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Very Own Honey Do

There are so many things that need to get done before baby love arrives. This week we got a huge chunk of stuff done these past 2 days, but there is still so much more.
What has already been completed:
1) nursery painted
2) nursery closet cleaned out
3) my clothes moved to front closet
4) coats moved to free standing closet in attic.

What needs to be completed:
1) Clean out top of front closet and office closet
2) new bar hung in front closet for more clothes
3) shoe rack hung in front closet for my shoes
4) Office cleaned out
5) furniture moved out of front room
6) junk dropped off at good will
7) maybe hang crown molding and chair railing
8) maybe paint pink in nursery
9) kitchen cabinet purged for baby things
10) laundry room reorganized

I can keep going, but just looking at the list is already making me tired. I will be starting on this list today. I am going to start with the front closet. I need another pole to hang clothes and a shoe rack to store some of my shoes. The rest will be stored under our bed (add to list clean out under bed). I suppose since I am in there I can clean out the top of the closet to store my purses. Hopefully I can get a few things checked off my list this week and I promise I will add some exciting pictures of the nursery redecoration.

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