Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Lord Give Me The Strength

To make it through this day. Some of you may not know, but I have an affliction. My Daddy used to always try (key word try) to tell me that patience is a virtue and I should get some. Well Daddy sorry, but it didn't work. Now when it comes to children and dealing with people I have, and yes I will toot my own horn, The Patience of A Saint. When it comes to waiting for something to happen your out of luck. So waiting to find out if the bebe in my my belly is a boy or a girl has been pure torture! I couldn't believe that this could be more torture then waiting to open Christmas presents. My Mom and Dad had to suffer through years of me torturing them to just "Let me open 1 present". It wasn't even the gift it was just the anticipation of opening the gift. Now I have the biggest present ever and I AM DYING! I even went so far as to take the entire day off because I knew I wouldn't be able to concentrate today so I decided to make myself even more crazy and do nothing so I could just dwell in everything. Now I have plans don't worry and hopefully this will take my mind off of things. I need to finish planting my daffodils, clean my house, run some errands, and have a nice lunch with Nicole. I am not just nervous about finding out what we are having I am also always really nervous that something will be wrong. We didn't have any of the scans for downs or trisomy 18 and I am so afraid they will not be able to find something or something will measure wrong. But I shall try to be positive and stay busy because I know I will be a nervous wreck once we get to the Dr's office. Oh how I wish this day was already over.

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